The health benefits of dark chocolate, and how you can easily switch over

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Part 1 — Why I Switched To Dark Chocolate

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“The best way to teach people critical thinking is to teach them to write…There’s no difference between that and thinking.” -Jordan B. Peterson

“You need to learn to think. Because thinking makes you act effectively in the world…

I was stuck for a long time, trying to find a niche…

Jerry Seinfeld’s Creativity Secrets
Jerry Seinfeld’s Creativity Secrets

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You Are Being Brainwashed

  1. Parents
  2. Social circle
  3. Life partner
  4. Geographical location
  5. Surrounding culture
  6. Mass media
  7. Social media
  8. Entertainment

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The 3 Zones Of Goal Setting

Why everything will go wrong in life.

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Life is the struggle to keep death at a respectable distance. Death seems to want to move in prematurely and get us, so to have a good, long, flourishing life, what do you have to do? Push back.

- Jim Rohn

Mark Shpuntov

I love learning and sharing powerful ideas to make life better.

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